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  • 15.09.2010
    Alternative control system for packages

  • Leak detection without trace gases

    Witt offers the new “Pack-Vac” as a simple alternative for leak detection systems which use trace gases. The system Pack-Vac Leak detection systemcan be used for the non-destructive testing of nearly all types of packages, even for vacuum packs. “Pack Vac” does not require trace gas or even electricity. The only thing required is compressed air. For leak detection the package is placed into a testing-chamber filled with water. The headspace above the water level is evacuated using a venturi vacuum driven by compressed air. Due to the vacuum, the package immersed in water inflates. If there is a leak, air or inert gas is identified by a stream of bubbles. Thus the tester visually recognizes if and particularly where the product is leaking.

    Further system advantages: The operating costs of this testing facility are low because water and air are used instead of expensive helium. Moreover, the “Pack-Vac” does not need extensive maintenance and can be drained sanitarily by a latch in the base. Also, there is no skilled personnel required due to the simple, intuitive handling. Please click here for more information!

    Download picture Pack-Vac Leak detection system 300dpi

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