Dome Pressure Regulator 737LE-HD/S-ES, complete solution

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High-pressure dome-loaded pressure regulator stainless steel for high inlet and outlet pressures

  • Kv value 1.65
  • maximum pressure stability even during flow and temperature fluctuations
  • back pressure area 0.5-26 barg (7.2-870 psi)
  • suitable for high pressures at inlet, up to 300 barg (4,351 psi)
  • burn-out safety for O2
  • also suitable for various aggressive and toxic gases
  • ready-to-use
  • connections: inlet 3/8″ female, outlet 1" female
  • option: lockable spindle hood against unauthorized adjustment

For technical backgrounds and lots more about dome-loaded pressure regulators, please see: domepressureregulators.com

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Powerful and low-maintenance Dome Pressure Regulator applicable for mounting in pipeworks.


  • high pressure stability even when subject to fluctuations in withdrawal enables process reliability
  • applicable for almost all gases
  • accurate dynamic regulation
  • high flow rate
  • Balanced Seat Design (BSD) for better control precision
  • complete mounted, inclusive pressure gauge, pilot pressure regulator and fittings
  • working pressure changable at any given moment  (readjustable) – e.g. due to temperature fluctuations
  • provides constant working pressure by dynamic control
  • no disperse of pilot gas to the environment – closed system
  • pressure gauges optionally in stainless steel and/or filled with glycerine
  • filter included
  • indoor and outdoor installation
  • additional connections (G 1/8 F) in the inlet and outlet range – e.g. pressure transmitter
  • connection for wall mounting panel
  • easy installation and removal


  • control via electrical proportional valve
  • piloting by foreign gas available
  • wall mounting panel
  • lockable spindle hood against unauthorized adjustment

Operation / Usage:

  • Dome pressure regulator are especially suitable for process supply in pipe-works and system engineering.
  • Independent of withdrawal fluctuations the stability working pressure guarantees a constant gas concentration and quality of the down stream processes.
  • Additionally the use in case of high flow rates at low pressure drops is recommended.


  • The dome pressure regulator is used in combination with pilot pressure regulator (or proportional valve) for adjusting the required working pressure (outlet pressure).
  • It’s possible to use the regulated gas (own medium) or foreign gas as supply of pilot pressure regulator by option.


  • Annual testing of body leak-tightness is recommended.
  • Replace wearing parts at least every 1-3 years.
  • Premounted Maintenance-Kit on request.

Company certified to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and PED 97/23/EC Module H

For technical backgrounds and lots more about dome-loaded pressure regulators, please see: domepressureregulators.com


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