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1945: It all began with the Flashback Arrestor

Founder Paul Witt launches the first dry flashback arrestor. WITT Flashback Arrestors have revolutionised accident prevention with fuel gases and are used throughout the world today.
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1956: More safety with the pressure sensitive cut-off valve

With the model 36 WITT enhances the flashback arrestor for the first time with a pressure sensitive cut-off valve. This immediately cuts off the gas supply in case of a flashback and prevents dangerous further work.

Flammenrückschlagsicherung Super 66
Flammenrückschlagsicherung Super 66 für Brenngase

1966: Just super, the Super 66

The flashback arrestor Super 66 is born and offers a pressure relief valve, protecting the arrestor and hose. This WITT classic is available until today.

1971: No more backburning with temperature sensitive cut-off valve

Brilliant add-on to the flashback arrestor: The integrated plastic body melts and the spring-loaded valve triggers and interrupts the gas supply before the device can heat dangerously. A dangerous backburning is stopped at its source.

1977: Gas mixer for modified atmosphere in the food industry

Pioneer work: WITT markets the first production gas mixers for vacuum packaging machines.

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1978: Protection against reverse gas flow

Non-return valves enhance the gas safety equipment portfolio.

WITT Dome pressure regulator


1978: Constant gas pressure with dome-loaded pressure regulators

Pressure regulators using a gas cushion offer highest stability of the gas pressure even in the case of severe withdrawal or inlet pressure fluctuations.
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1978: Good – better – Super 78

The Super 78 combines all existing features of a flashback arrestor: flame arrestor, non-return valve, pressure and temperature sensitive cut-off valves and pressure relief valve.


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Synthetic air gas mixer MED-MG

1983: CO2 Laser

In close cooperation with leading CO2 laser producers, the company develops special gas mixing components.

1985: Big safety

The 85-30 is up to now the biggest single WITT flashback arrestor. Approx. 20 cm long, 4.5 kg heavy and with up to 850 m3/h flow rate.

1985: Controlled pressure relief

Safety relief valves to reliably protect tanks, pipelines and plants against overpressure.

1986: Never running short of air – gas mixers for diving applications

WITT designs dedicated gas mixers for the filling of cylinders on a diving boat. Special mixtures of Oxygen and Helium are made depending upon the intended diving depth.

1987: Gas mixers for medical applications

"Synthetic air" is a mixture of pure oxygen and nitrogen for medical applications. WITT synthetic air mixers offer easy operation via touchscreen, low investment and maintenance costs, easy integration into existing systems, and low energy usage.

WITT Gas analyser OXYBABY M+

1989: One device for (almost) all – the MFA gas analyser

Operating with thermal conductivity the MFA can analyse several gas mixtures – perfect for mobile service use.

1991: Gas mixers for the beverage industry

WITT develops special gas mixing systems for the filling and dispensing of beer.

1992: Mobile gas analyser OXYBABY

An era begins: the mobile one-hand-analyser by WITT is launched and makes the quality control of modified atmosphere packages easier. To this day the OXYBABY is the top-selling WITT analyser. 

1993: Hose coupler save money and improve safety

WITT hose couplers allow lightning-fast connection and disconnection of equipment. Of course according to EN561/ISO7289.

1993: MFCs for the glass industry

MFC technology (MFC = Mass Flow Controller) enables the precise gas mixing and metering, for example for gas burner systems in the glass industry.

1994: Helium leak testing

WITT builds the technological heart of helium leak-testing devices, e.g. for testing of the integrity of fuel tanks in aircraft wings. For this ambitious challenge WITT combines gas mixers, gas metering, and analyser systems.

1998: Who offers more? Pressure regulator with unrivaled flow rate

The new version of the manifold pressure regulator ADR 150 offers a flow rate of up to 150 m³ acetylene per hour.

2000: Biogas – make the most of waste

Special WITT stainless steel non-return valves approved by the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) prevent the build-up of hazardous gas mixtures.

2002 Hydrogen application protected up to 17 bar

The stainless steel flashback arrestor F100N-ES offers protection against dangerous flashbacks for hydrogen applications and is suitable for working pressures up to 17 bar.

2003: Bright yellow and wonderfully aromatic – WITT lets bananas ripen

Mixing and metering solutions by WITT allow the controlled ripening of bananas by using ethylene. For perfect product quality at the point of sale.

WITT Package leak detector LEAK-MASTER MAPMAX


2003: First package leak detection

The new LEAK-MASTER series enables the non-destructive leak testing of packages. Highly sensitive CO2 sensors detect even the smallest of leaks.
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2005: Inline leak testing of food packages

The LEAK-MASTER MAPMAX as inline solution allows a 100% leak testing with up to 15 cycles per minute - unrivalled speed, even today.

2007: Gas analysis with zirconium sensor

The gas analyser PA delivers faster and more precise results by using a zirconium sensor.

Gas mixer KM100-MEM plus

2007: Wherever the gas mixture is required - with mobile gas mixers

The very compact gas mixer BM-2M proves to be the ideal solution for mobile use, e.g supplying small welding equipment. 

2008: Gas mixers with remote control

Electric mixing valves and electronic control units make the complete integration of gas mixers in complex processes possible, even with remote control.

WITT Gas analyser MAPY

2008: More than just beautiful – a Red Dot Award for gas analyser MAPY 4.0

The MAPY 4.0 WITT shows that design, ergonomics and functionality can be combined in a perfect way. The result: a Red Dot Award for outstanding product design.

2011: Algae for energy generation

WITT provides mixing and analyser systems for the precise dosing and supply of carbon dioxide in algae production processes.

2011: Safety for hydrogen vehicles

The safety relief valve SV811 valve is approved for installation in passenger cars and buses. It protects the vehicles’ hydrogen system from dangerous overpressure in a broad spectrum of pressures from 2 to 45 bar.

WITT Gas analyser OXYBEAM

2014: Dome-loaded pressure regulators with integrated pilot pressure regulator

More stable, more compact – after a re-design the WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators work with an integrated pilot pressure regulator.

2014: High acetylene supply safety

The pressure regulating station 150NA for acetylene with automatic switch between connected gas sources and its intelligent process control ensures consistent gas supply and helps to reduce costs.

2017: Data logger for pressure and temperature

The fully contact-free data logger "Patbox": a highly mobile solution for measuring pressure and temperature rapidly and accurately everywhere in production.

2018: Laser gas analyser OXYBEAM

OXYBEAM uses laser light for detecting oxygen concentrations in transparent packages without impairing it.

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