Software "Smart World" as data and control center



Smart this, smart that : But how does everything fit together? For gas plants, the answer is "Smart World". This is the name of Witt-Gasetechnik’s new software, which uses the OPC-UA interface to bring different systems together.

All of the real time data from a gas installation can be bundled into one screen; this means, all of the components, regardless of who manufactured them. This is the "Smart World" software concept.

Dashboard provides information in real time

The data from the individual devices and plant components are displayed on the user's screen in real time. They are clearly summarized in the easily configurable dashboard, the central overview page. The user is able to analyze all performance areas and exert has full control over the gas installation. The available data can also be displayed and stored beyond the dashboard, for example in a spreadsheet or as a printout.

But Smart World is not just an information tool. The multi-secured communication runs in both directions. Users of the software can therefore not only read data, but also write it back to the connected systems. For example, to define new limit values and send them to the devices on site. This turns "Smart World" a  control center par excellence.

It is not only possible to connect local devices. The software can be operated either Windows-based as a desktop version or web-based - and then also on tablets and smartphones

Systems speak one language - OPC-UA

There are plenty of possible data sources for the Smart World. “Intelligent" devices have long been able to provide measured values, events or alarms and send them via Ethernet, for example. But the data models and transmission standards differ from one another. Interfaces have to be programmed, data sets have to be adapted. And this has to be done individually for each system on the user side: a complex, slow and also expensive process.

It is precisely this communication system that the new Witt solution is designed for. The basis is the open network protocol OPC-UA ("Open Platform Communication - Unified Architecture"). As a result, the individual components of the gas installation understand each other and speak the same language: the decisive guarantee for the cost-effectiveness and future-proofing of this solution. In addition: thanks to the open standard, devices from other manufacturers can also be integrated into "Smart World".

Behind this interface is the OPC Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Germany. Over 600 manufacturers have already joined forces. The universal interface is constantly being maintained and is regarded as the worldwide standard in manufacturer-independent device communication.

It goes without saying that the hardware at Witt is already geared to this open interface. Many of the manufacturer's models, such as gas mixers, analysers, smart pressure regulators or leak test systems, can thus be easily merged into Smart World.