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Filtro de gas 77 (para O2)

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Filtro de gas con elemento filtrante de bronce para uso con oxígeno (según EIGA) para el filtraje de impurezas mecánicas (50 μm) y condensación en tuberías, para altos caudales.

  • prolonga la vida útil de los accesorios y dispositivos aguas abajo
  • alto caudal - gracias a un diseño optimizado
  • especialmente para oxígeno gaseoso con filtro de bronce, cumple con la normativa EIGA
  • con drenaje de condensación
  • posibilidad de reemplazar el filtro sin desmontar el filtro
  • cada filtro de gas se comprueba al 100%
  • 72 X 205 mm, aprox. 3 kg


WITT gas filter for GOX : Best practices in Safety, with maximum Operability.
In addition to removing contaminants, WITT’s Filter 77 – O2 drains out condensate, protects downstream
equipment and extends service life. All designed to meet the Best practices in Safety, with maximum Operability.

Description :

  • 50μ filter element or 50μ filter element in bronze (Cu89/Sn11)
  • O-Ring Elastomer FKM (FKM 938)
  •  -30 °C to +60 °C
  • Up to 40 barg
  • Connections G 3/4 F
  • Length 205 mm, diameter 72 mm, mass 3.03 kg
  • Type 077-010


Meeting the Best Practices in Safety :

  • Meets all the requirements of EIGA Guideline IGC Doc 13/12/E “Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems“
  • Certification by BAM (German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) for O2 service
  • Pre-cleaned to EIGA Guideline IGC Doc 13/12/E, and ready for O2
  • Withstands maximum line pressure (40 barg) even if it becomes clogged
  • No velocity limitation, including during commissioning “blow-out” testing
  • Not subject to a minimum thickness requirement (per Appendix D of EIGA Guideline IGC Doc 13/12/E).


With maximum Operability :

  • Reliable filtering performance increases service life of downstream fittings and equipment
  • Condensate can be collected and removed using condensate drain
  • Change of filter element possible while installed, due to user-friendly design
  • High flowrates owing to its flow maximising design (please see flow curves overleaf)
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain - the condensate should be drained at regular intervals, and the filter element should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary in accordance with Appendix F of EIGA Guideline IGC Doc 13/12/E.


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