Medical air in hospitals via gas mixing systems

Gas mixer MED MG für synthetic air

Gas Mixer specially designed for the generation of synthetic air for medical applications


The highest purity, maximum security of medical air supply, all at optimal cost, are offered by gas mixing plants for on-site production of so-called synthetic medical air.

Hygienic, fail-safe and economical

Air for medical applications must meet particularly high standards. This medical air, also known as Air Medicinalis, is a medicinal product as defined in the European Pharmacopoeia. Synthetic air mixing plants from the German supplier Witt-Gasetechnik have proven their worth in countless medical installations.

The use of medical air is generally the responsibility of the pharmacist. The pharmacist has to ensure compliance with the limit values described in the European Pharmacopoeia. Ambient air is often used, which is compressed by compressors. From a central gas supply system, medical air is directed to all areas of the hospital relevant to patient care, whether for ventilation purposes or for compressed air driven medical equipment.

Complex treatment of ambient air

The use of ambient air is the supposedly simplest and cheapest way to obtain medical air. But natural ambient air contains contaminants such as oils, solids or dust, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other environmental pollutants. Especially in conurbations, this can lead to significant impairment of air quality. Extensive cleaning processes are therefore needed to achieve compliance with the limit values, and to keep within the maximum permitted moisture content. Prefilters, activated carbon filters, adsorption dryers, fine filters – the commercially available treatment systems feature up to 7 stages applied to conventional compressor technology. The costs incurred for purchase and maintenance are correspondingly high. And in extreme cases, the use of ambient air for ventilation purposes can impair patient care despite modern filter technology, e.g. in the event of a major fire nearby or a severe smog situation in a conurbation.

The situation is different with mixing systems for the production of "synthetic air", a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen in the same proportions as in the atmosphere. This technology offers optimum purity of medical air, independent of external conditions, ensures maximum supply reliability and is also very economical.

Highest purity and security of supply thanks to synthetic medical air

Modern gas mixers such as the MED-MG from Witt meet extensive quality requirements in terms of design, materials and workmanship. The individual gases are used in their pure form. No further preparation, filtering or dehumidification is required. This ensures that patients receive air in the optimum composition and at the highest level of purity.

In addition, hospitals receive the highest level of supply security. The redundant design of all safety-relevant system components guarantees complete functionality at all times. Two independently operating gas analysers guarantee the perpetually correct mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. In the event of a fault, the system automatically switches to a parallel supply line. Seamless supply to patients is therefore guaranteed.

Economic advantages through on-site generation

Last but not least, the production of medical air using gas mixing systems is extremely economical. The investment costs are relatively low. The integration into an existing air distribution system is usually possible without any problems. Above all, however, the running costs offer clear advantages over compressor technology. The systems consume little energy during operation and the costs for regular maintenance are also significantly lower.

"Synthetic air mixers offer the highest standard in terms of purity, security of supply and economy. This is the best solution for on-site generation of medical air in hospitals", emphasizes Martin Bender, Managing Director at Witt-Gasetechnik.

Witt synthetic air mixers are certified and approved as a Class IIb medical device with CE marking in accordance with EC Directive 93/42/EEC (supplemented by Directive 2007/47/EC) and are designed in accordance with DIN ISO 7396-1.

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