Back-purging keeps the lines clear

Back Purging Filter Front


They pose a challenge to any quality inspector: fine-grained foods make the validation of the protective gas atmosphere more difficult, because tiny particles clog the filters on the gas analysers. A new development by Witt extends the service life of these devices significantly.

"Gas analysers do have built-in filters to protect the pump and sensor," says Martin Bender from the gas technology specialist Witt. "However, clogging is unavoidable when particles get sucked in." Thanks to Witt's new back-purging filter, this is a thing of the past. The device is built into the suction pipe, where it does its job automatically. Whether milk powder, coffee or flour dust: The new back-purging device registers the accumulation of particles on the filter, from the resultant line pressure increase. If the filter gets clogged, it is blown clean from behind. It is also possible to run this filter flushing manually. No changes to the gas analyser are required and even the filters remain untouched.

The device’s stainless steel housing measures 172 x 242 x 343 mm (HxWxD), and it uses a 230 V power supply. Pressure control switches and pressure gauges are located on the front panel.

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