Easy Leak Testing for All Sizes

Leak Detector Leak Master Easy 1 5


Leak-Master® Easy, the practical water-based leak detection system, is now available in an additional, more compact chamber size. With this new extension to its range, Witt-Gasetechnik is now offering six different chamber sizes, making it possible to detect leaks in packaging and components with very different dimensions.

The Leak-Master® Easy can independently detect even the smallest leaks in products, packaging or components. This includes packaged foods with or without a protective atmosphere, pharmaceutical products and even electronic components, such as lighting units in the automobile industry.

The detection method is simple but highly effective: The test sample is placed in the water-filled chamber. Compressed air is used to evacuate the air space above the water level.

The resulting vacuum causes air or filling gas to escape from any leak points, and to bubble up to the top of the chamber in a way that is clearly visible.

The great advantage of this method: The quality checker can quickly and easily determine whether the product is leaking, and where from. This makes it possible to introduce changes to the manufacturing and packaging processes.

Witt designed the new chamber size for the new Leak-Master® Easy 1.5 following feedback from its customers. "Customers wanted a flatter chamber that requires less water," Product Manager Michael Kallweit explains. "The now much flatter measuring chamber needs approximately one third less water, is quicker to fill and empty and easier to clean."

The new measuring chamber has a volumetric capacity of just under 23 litres, almost 10 litres less than the previous larger standard chamber, but with an identical footprint.

Witt is now offering an electronic control unit as an extension for all six Easy models. This allows the user to log, record and forward all detection test results. This extension is operated using a touchscreen.

The installation and commissioning process of the leak detection unit is extremely easy. The intuitive controls mean that it does not require specially trained staff. The sturdy acrylic housing is hygienic and easy to clean. It can be emptied using an outlet on the chamber base.