Mixing gases by remote control - the new MG50-MEM+ is now available


The market leader in the field of gas mixing technology, WITT Gasetechnik, is now offering a state-of-the-art device for mixing two or three gases at higher flow rates. It’s the new MG50-MEM+ Gas Mixer, and it can be operated remotely.

Its operation can be controlled out via PC, PLC or machine control system. All parameters can be conveniently called up, set, queried and documented. A new feature is an additional touchscreen display. The user can utilise this to check the current settings – even whilst on site – or change the device parameters.

The new gas mixer works with motorised valves that are actuated electronically. This means higher accuracy, and speed of response. Fewer than three seconds are required to get the gas mixture flowing at the desired value.

“We are pleased that we can now also offer a remotely controlled gas mixer for higher flow rates that can be optimally integrated into any existing system“ said CEO, Martin Bender.

The gas mixture can generally be adjusted in increments of 0.1 percent. At a maximum 290 psi inlet pressure, the system generates a mixed gas output of up to 70 Nm³/h (air reference volume). All technical gases with the exception of toxic, flammable or aggressive gases can be mixed – either two or three gases at a time.

Integral gas inlet monitoring ensures extra safety by generating an alarm or switching a potential-free contact if the pressure is too low. A gas analyser can also be combined with the mixer.