Quality control of pharmaceutical packaging

Package Leak Detector Leak-Master Easy for pharmaceutical packaging


Sensitive contents such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics must be packaged safely and the packaging must, above all, be leak-tight. With the LEAK-MASTER® EASY, manufacturers have the possibility to easily test the leak-tightness of their packaging in a water bath.

With the "LEAK-MASTER® EASY" leak tester from WITT, even the smallest packages containing air or gas, such as vials and blister packs, can be tested. Operation is very simple: place the package in the chamber filled with water, set the vacuum, and perform the test. In just a few seconds, it is possible to determine whether the package is leak-tight or not. Leaks become visible through rising bubbles. A particular advantage of this method is to see at a glance where the product is leaking. So simple - so effective.

Quality management is made even easier with the optional "Plus" control unit: all data on products and users can be entered and inspection procedures defined. The Plus control unit automatically sets the defined vacuum and maintains it for the specified test period. After the test, the result is documented by the tester. This provides the user with a largely standardised test process and completely digital documentation.

The LEAK-MASTER® EASY is made of stainless steel and high-quality acrylic. The generously dimensioned wall thickness allows a vacuum of up to 200 mbar absolute. The necessary vacuum is generated either by compressed air or by an electric vacuum pump. Optionally WITT offers a calibrated manometer with DKD/ DAkkS certificate. The filled water bath can be emptied quickly and easily after use through a valve on the bottom. The LEAK-MASTER® EASY is available in 7 different chamber sizes.

You can also carry out the test procedure according to ASTM F2096, which involves inflating the packaging to create a pressure difference. A special supplementary set makes it possible.