Suitable for oxygen - Taking Gas filters into a new dimension


The new gas filter LE6 from WITT with 3" connection is a real giant – and it’s ideal for oxygen and other gases. The unique filter fineness reliably filters out mechanical impurities in pipelines. Downstream equipment is protected, process performance is improved and maintenance costs and expensive downtime are reduced.

Almost 30 cm in diameter, nearly 1 meter high and weighing almost 200 kg - the size and weight of the new gas filter alone are impressive. The LE6 is also suitable for oxygen, meeting the stringent requirements of EIGA, AIGA and CGA.

Even with the highest gas purities, particles can always occur in the pipework. These particles can have a negative impact on the downstream process, such as reducing the performance and service life of plant components and requiring more maintenance interventions. By means of its 15 µm bronze filter inserts, the LE6 reliably filters out such contamination. Optimum functioning and service life of downstream plant components is ensured, thereby reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Other features also make the LE6 unique: 40 bar maximum operating pressure and high volumetric flow. Comparable filters of this size can often only be used up to 16 bar, do not offer the same filter fineness, and do not meet the EIGA, AIGA and CGA requirements for oxygen.

Differential pressure monitoring is also available as an option. The filter has connections at the gas inlet and outlet for attaching pressure gauges or electrical differential pressure transmitters. These measurements can be used to indicate the degree of contamination, and the timing of preventive and reactive maintenance activities can therefore be optimised.

The LE6 shows its full potential in combination with a WITT dome-loaded pressure regulator. The incomparable control accuracy of these regulators is ensured by the use of this gas filter.