Witt presents its new dome-loaded back-pressure regulator

Dome Backpressure Regulator B P R2


With its new dome-loaded back-pressure regulator “BPR2”, the German gas systems manufacturer Witt is once again proving its expertise, and extending its range of pressure control equipment.

This pressure retention valve keeps the pressure of gases in processes, system components or tanks constant.

In technical terms, back-pressure regulators regulate a higher inlet pressure, by opening up only as much as necessary to achieve the desired pressure at the inlet.

In contrast to spring-loaded systems, the new development from the specialists in Witten works by controlling the gas pressure by means of a dome diaphragm.

This dome-loaded pressure system ensures very high precision. Irrespective of the volume or fluctuations in the gas flow, the pressure remains constant – and this is true over the entire performance spectrum of the device.

A typical application is the control of gas blankets in tanks. The over-pressure control opens as soon as the supply pressure reaches the set value. The gas is blown off in a controlled manner when the pressure rises, so the pressure in the tank is kept constant. In this way, the “BPR2” also provides effective prevention of hazardous overpressure.

Rapid and precise control of pressure is crucial for operability and quality of any process system, and Witt is now offers a further solution with its BPR2.

The new device is suitable for almost all technical gases, including oxygen, in the range 0.5 bar to 20 bar. Installation can be in any orientation. The wide temperature range from -30°C to +50°C ensures it can cover a wide of common applications.

This new precision device meets all relevant standards, and can even be used in ATEX zones and food environments.

Witt is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the sector. Its extensive product portfolio includes fittings for safety when using gases. Amongst these are gas mixers, gas analysers and gas metering devices, as well as leak detection systems for packaging and industrial components.