Gas terugslagklep NV150-ES |

Gas terugslagklep NV150-ES

W I T T Non Return Valve N V150 E S

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Gaskeerklep uit RVS ter voorkoming van ongewenste gasmengsels, voor flow tot 80 m³/h (Lucht), tot 16 bar

  • veiligheidselement: gaskeerklep [NV]
  • ieder appendage wordt 100% getest
  • EN730-2
  • biedt weining drukverlies door een vernuftigd klepsysteem, openingsdruk (ca. 4 mbar)
  • minimale Geräuschemission
  • compact en licht: 35 X 60 mm, 221 g, G ½"
  • vulfilter (100 μm) in de gasinlaat

Dit model is ook in aluminium leverbaar


WITT non-return valves for reliable protection against dangerous reverse gas flow.
Flow-optimised valve system causes very low pressure drop at minimal noise emission.
Every non-return valve 100% tested.


  • a spring loaded non-return valve prevents back feeding of gases which could lead to unwanted gas mixtures
  • low pressure drops – using complex valve assembly with low opening pressures (ca. 4 mbar)
  • stainless steel filter (100 μm) in the gas inlet protects the non-return valve against dirt contamination, extending the service life
  • flow-optimised valve system for:

    - ultra low pressure drop
    - minimal noise emission

  • no leaks – using of a spring loaded valve assembly with elastomer sealing
  • in accordance with DIN EN ISO 5175-2
  • available in brass or stainless steel (ES)
  • diverse applications – useful for many technical gases
  • reduce installation costs – the spring loaded valve is not affected by gravity and may be installed in any orientation

Operation / Usage

  • non-return valves are used to protect equipment and pipelines against dangerous reverse gas flow.
  • Use is possible for applications according to EN 746-2
  • WITT non-return valves may be mounted in any position / orientation
  • the maximum ambient / working temperature is 70 °C / 158 °F


  • annual testing of the non-return valve and body leak tightness is recommended
  • WITT is happy to supply special test equipment
  • non-return valves are only to be serviced by the manufacturer

Company certified according to ISO 9001
Cleaned for Oxygen Service according to EIGA IGC Doc 13/12/E: Oxygen Pipeline and Piping


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Test en proefopstelling 722

Test en proefopstelling 722

voor de uitvoer van een jaarlijkse functie test van de WITT-veiligheids appendages


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