Gas Mixers MEM+ Series |

Gas Mixers MEM+ Series

Electronic gas mixing system with motor-driven mixing valve - a further innovation founded on the basis of the well proven WITT-mixing valve technology

    Gas mixers with electrical mixing valves from the MEM+ Gas Mixers Series are suitable for practically all popular gases and a large number of applications. Proportional or individual mixing valves – depending on whether 2 or 3 are mixed – form the core of this mixing process, similar to the mechanical mixing process. The functioning of the mixing valves is ingeniously simple: a moving piston in conjunction with different orifices controls the flow rate of the gases, thereby producing the desired mixture in less than 3 seconds. The technical genius lies in the high-quality materials and precise production of the individual components, coupled with correct calculation of the relevant piston-orifice combination.

    In contrast to mixers with mechanical mixing valve, the electrical mixing valves are not operated manually via a rotary knob but instead via small electric motors. The electric motors are operated via an electronic controller. Benefits: First and foremost, the mixers can be regulated more finely electrically than by hand, thus resulting in a more exact gas mixture. The electronic control also allows easy reproducibility of gas mixtures. With remote operation, the mixing systems can be integrated in a network, where they can be controlled and monitored conveniently from a central point. And not to be overlooked is the constant pressure regulation by dome-loaded pressure regulators integrated into gas mixers with electrical mixing valves. The gas mixers are suitable for continuous extraction or also discontinuous extraction (using a gas tank), depending on the application.

    Medium / high flow capacity:


    KM100-2 MEM+  (2 gases)

    KM100-3 MEM+  (3 gases)


    High / very high flow capacity:


    MG50-2 MEM+  (2 gases)

    MG50-3 MEM+  (3 gases)

    Advantages on a glance:

    • Precise, fast and reliable gas mixing
    • Constant quality irrespective of pressure fluctuations
    • Fine-tuned, continuous gas mixture setting in increments of 0.1 %
    • Predefined mixtures can be called up and generated in a matter of seconds
    • Remote operation – control and querying of all parameters and valve positions via PC, PLC or machine control
    • Documentation of the parameter settings for quality control is possible
    • External set value specification is possible
    • Only one operating unit for an unlimited number of mixing systems
    • Even the smallest extraction volumes are possible when using a tank
    • Robust and low maintenance

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