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Oxygen Lancing Equipment

WITT lance holder LK

Lance Holder LK

Lance holder for oxygen

WITT backfire stop SRV

Backfire Stop SRV

Backfire stop with temperature-controlled cut-off valve [TV], for lance holders

WITT security handle tube GHV

Security Handle Tube GHV

Lance safety valve, lever-operated

WITT lance holder KLK

Lance Holder KLK

Compact lance holder with integrated lever valve, non-return valve [NV] and temperature-sensitive cut-off valve [TV]

WITT shut-off valve

Shut-Off Valve

For oxygen, for the manual interruption of gas supply


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The use of oxygen lancing for thermal separation requires the equipment to meet highest security standards.

All components of WITT lance holders in contact with oxygen are made of bronze or brass. The seals are made of abrasion-resistant, flame-retardant rubber. The lance holders allow for a secure joint with the lance up to a maximum working pressure of 25 bar (362 PSI).

WITT offers oxygen lance holders for oxygen lancing with or without a thread chamfer of 6 – 42 mm (1.1/4”) in diameter. A cap nut enables quick tensioning and exchanging of lances without additional tools. The lances can optionally be upgraded by a safety-relief valve with non-return valve (SRV) as well as a lancing valve. The lancing valve allows for a quick and safe regulation of the oxygen flow and an immediate emergency stop.

Additionally, WITT offers the complete product range of safe oxygen supply for lance holders, e.g. flashback arrestors, pressure regulators, ball valves, hoses, quick couplers and hose reels.

WITT Zentrale

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Headquarters: +49 (0)2302-8901-0
WITT UK: +44 (0)1925 234466

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