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Package Leak Detection (Seal Integrity Testing)

Packages should be absolutely leak tight. However, even with the utmost care in the process, faulty packaged products cannot be completely avoided. Defects in the sealing process or in the material can easily lead to leaks, sometimes microscopically small. Over many years, therefore, package leak detection or seal integrity testing of packaging has established itself as an integral part of quality assurance - both for food packaging and for other sensitive packaged products, for example in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

With its LEAK-MASTER® range, WITT offers definitive solutions for leak detection and seal integrity testing of packages. These are certified quality systems for all types of packages - with modified atmosphere (MAP) or vacuum. To optimise your quality assurance, you have the choice between package leak detection equipment for random or in-line tests - on a CO2 detection basis or as a bubble tester using a water bath:

Package leak detection (seal integrity testing) in a water bath

The LEAK-MASTER® EASY allows the detection of even the smallest leaks without the use of trace gases. To detect leaks, the package is placed in the chamber filled with water, and the air space is evacuated above the water level with the aid of a pneumatically operated venturi nozzle. As a result, the packaging is compressed under water. Air or fill gas escapes at the leakpoint, and heads upwards as bubbles. With this bubble test, it is also possible to determine where precisely the package is leaking. This is particularly important to identify which element of the packaging process is faulty, for example whether there is a material defect or if the seal integrity is defective.

Leak detection of packages with CO2 as a trace gas

Is your package leak-tight? With the LEAK-MASTER® PRO you can test the leak-tightness of your packages at random. The functional principle of this system for leak detection of packages (seal integrity testing) is also simple and effective. The LEAK-MASTER® PRO uses CO2 as a trace gas. The use of CO2 is a particularly cost-effective method compared to helium or hydrogen. Products which are packaged under protective gas contain CO2 in most cases as a component of the protective atmosphere - other products produce CO2 themselves. An adjustable vacuum is generated in the measuring chamber. The pressure difference between the package and the chamber results in CO2 escaping through the leaks.
This increases the CO2 concentration within the chamber. The sensitive CO2 sensor responds to this increase and thus detects even the smallest leaks (eg at the seal seam).

Inline- leak detection of packages

The LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAXenables non-destructive detection of even the smallest leaks with CO2 as a trace gas - as a 100% test immediately after the packaging process. The MAPMAX positions the package or outer packaging in the measuring chamber. An adjustable vacuum is generated and causes a pressure difference between the package and the chamber. The smallest leakages of the packaging allow the protective gas to escape, which is detected by the sensitive CO2 sensor in seconds. After each measuring cycle, the chamber is vented and the test sample is transferred to the downstream system. With the MAPMAX, you can test the leak-tightness of individual packages, whole packaging units or even outer packaging and cartons. With a speed of 15 cycles per minute, theLEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX enables a complete in-line leak detection of your entire production. For the in-line leak detection of packages in a small space, a shorter version is available as an option: the LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAXCompact.

100% - Leak detection and seal integrity testing of packages is an unbeatable argument

Test whether your package is leak-tight. With WITT systems for packaging leak detection, quality assurance and its documentation become complete. The quality of the goods which reach the consumer is thus ensured and verifiable. Unnecessary returns, loss of reputation, legal consequences and, in the worst case, the loss of the customer can be avoided easily and reliably by leak-testing of packages.

Incidentally, it’s not just the leak-tightness of food packages, PET bottles and cans that can be tested with the LEAK-MASTER® series. These leak detectors are also widely used in other industries: In automotive, for example, various components such as tail lights, blinker and headlights need to be waterproof and thus are tested for leak-tightness. Also in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, products like phials, laboratory-test kits and pill packaging are randomly tested for leak tightness. Perfect package quality gives competitive advantage.


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