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Package Leak Detector LEAK-MASTER® EASY

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Package leak detector with bubble test

  • economical and uncomplicated leak testing
  • visual inspection allows localisation of the leak
  • for all flexible and rigid kind of packaging
  • easy-to-use intuitive operation
  • short leak testing period (< 30 sec.)

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Package Leak Detection / Leak Testing system using a water-based bubble leak test. LEAK-MASTER® EASY allows the detection even of the smallest of leaks in packages and a seal integrity test.

After the package is placed into the test chamber filled with water, the head space above the water level is evacuated using a venturi vacuum (compressed-air) system. This causes the package immersed in the water to inflate, allowing any leaks and their location to be identified by a stream of bubbles.


  • economical and uncomplicated leak test / leak detection of packages
  • visual inspection allows localisation of the leak
  • seal integrity test
  • for all flexible and rigid kinds of packaging (modified atmosphere, food-, pharmaceutical-, industrial- and other packaging)
  • short leak testing period (< 30 sec.)
  • easy-to-use intuitive operation – no special skills required
  • easy installation and start-up
  • no trace gas required in package
  • can also be used for altitude simulation
  • optionally also for vacuum packaging, set order-No. 956992700
  • no calibration required
  • various chamber sizes available
  • low maintenance
  • easy to clean acrylic glass housing
  • no vacuum pump necessary
  • no electrical connections
  • ASTM D3078, ASTM D6653, ASTM D4169, ASTM D4991, ASTM D5094, ASTM F2096 standard


  • Control unit PLUS: portable controller with various predefined measurement programmes, also for documentation of your measuring results
  • Vacuum testing set: for testing vacuum packaged products and products with low gas volumes
  • AD100: calibrated pressure gauge with DKD/ DAkkS-certificate
  • Vacuum holding valve: blocks the chamber after generation of vacuum. Perfect for longer test periods without permanent use of compressed air


Here you find all downloads for the product.


Control Unit PLUS

For the electronic control of package leak detector LEAK-MASTER® EASY

Vacuum Set for LEAK-MASTER® EASY

For bubble-testing of vacuum packages


Rubber seals, needles, sensors, battery etc. for OXYBABY®, PA, MAPY, MFA


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