Поточный газоанализатор MAPY VAC

Для тресилеров и упаковщиков в лотках, контроль O2 или O2/CO2

  • Быстрый и точный газоанализ до герметизации упаковки, котролирует каждый цикл упаковочного оборудования
  • превышение пороговых значений вызывает сигнал ошибкиEthernet-интерфейс для подключения к центральной сети
  • С сенсорным экраном или дизайном  Black Box
  • Для оптимального контроля качества
  • Идеален в комбинации с газосмесителем

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Inline gas analyser for monitoring of modified atmospheres at traysealers and thermoformers in food packaging (MAP). For continuous analysis (inline).

MAPY VAC measures O2 or O2/CO2-concentrations in the package without destroying it.
A flexible analyser to guarantee quality and productivity of production processes.
Available as a single or double analyser for O2 and O2/CO2.


  • high process safety
  • measures every packaging cycle
  • reduces labour and waste costs compared to manual testing
  • simple to operate via touchscreen
  • reliable steady measuring results and high accuracy
  • simple calibration of sensor
  • permanent monitoring of set limit values
  • alarm signals are given if the set limits are exceeded and a potential free contact operates to e.g. auto-stop your machine to avoid quality problems
  • easy to clean stainless steel housing for maximum hygiene, splash-proof
  • data transfer via USB port
  • integration into networks by Ethernet connection
  • internal audio alarm
  • data logging
  • product administration up to 250 items



  • fully automatic calibration
  • measurement of gas composition and pressure by buffer tank measurement
  • separate table printer for instant documentation
  • line recorder for recording measuring results development
  • various Ethernet cables
  • monitoring by web browser
  • messaging via e-mail on alarm
  • Black-Box-Version (BB) without display specifically designed for automated machine control. Control only possible by packaging machine or connected PC. Special software for communication on CD
  • IP45 accessory kit for improved water protection


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