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We use glass articles every day, whether at home, work or in the car. Glass is a versatile material and it is difficult to appreciate that it is originally made from sand.

Modern halogen lights, PC monitors and fog lamps are all made from the same materials, and using the correct techniques and temperatures, a multitude of products can be made from glass.

WITT gas mixing systems

The heat required before this process comes from mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen in the case of quartz glass, although for silica glass, propane / natural gas and oxygen can be used.

Special WITT gas mixing systems guarantee absolute repeatability of defined gas mixtures resulting in improved quality control, improved production volumes and reductions in gas consumption and set-up time. Requiring minimum maintenance and simple adjustment when changing from one product to another are further benefits.

A Flow Control Unit may be used with various types of gases when they are mixed separately. It is also possible to produce three gas mixtures when this is required.

Thermal Processing

Also other thermal processes can benefit by using specialized WITT gas mixing equipment.

Whether used for glass processes, soldering or other thermal applications, the WITT name stands for exceptional reliability and accuracy.

In addition, WITT provide efficient customer support and have a wealth of experience for providing solutions to customer needs.

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