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Within the steel industry, forming gases are an essential aid to obtaining the required surface characteristics from the steel being processed. The specific composition of forming gas will be dependent upon the surface treatment process employed, e.g. annealing, and smooth finishing, hardening and strengthening.

Gas mixing systems by WITT

For certain surface treatment processes, precise control of the forming gas composition is required. These requirements are met with forming gas mixing systems as designed, manufactured and supplied by WITT. High precision forming gas systems are available for a wide range of processes and applications, from controlled furnace atmospheres to time controlled metering systems for carburizing ovens.

Analysis assures safety!

WITT forming gas systems can be designed to match your specific process parameters and requirements. Combining the flammable gas mixer with a WITT integrated analysis system enhances process safety. With forming gas systems, an integrated hydrogen analyzer could be used to activate a system shutdown if the hydrogen addition deviated from pre-set min./max. values. Should this happen, the system would fail-safe by flushing the system with nitrogen. The system also enables a variety of other signal outputs to be employed for alarms and the recording or transmitting of data.

Process integrity and mixture accuracy are also enhanced by defining the min./max. limit values of the hydrogen content of the gas mixture. WITT gas mixing and analysis systems offer a safer environment for employees, equipment and products. No matter whether standard or customized equipment is used, WITT stands for reliability, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Practical example: Non-return Valves in Heat treatment


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