0.5 micron gas filter - Protection against the finest dirt


The Gas Filter 77 from WITT is now available with pore sizes as low as approx. 0.5 µm – able to remove even the finest impurities from gases. This results in better process performance, enhanced protection of downstream equipment, and a reduction in maintenance costs and expensive downtime.

Even with high gas quality, there is always the possibility of mechanical impurities and condensate in the gas line. The smallest particles can negatively affect the performance of the application process or damage equipment, e.g. in fibre laser cutting. The Gas Filter 77 cleans the gas reliably while ensuring the optimal functionality of sensitive processes. Likewise, equipment maintenance intervals and service life can be extended, reducing operating costs.

The Model 77 is suitable for numerous technical gases and a wide range of uses, allowing for in-line installation and integration into larger systems. The stainless-steel filter element is available in approx.10 or 40 µm fineness in addition to the 0.5 µm version, allowing higher flow rates.

WITT also offers the Model 77 with filter elements made of bronze, having a pore size of approx. 5 or 50 µm. These are designed and cleaned for oxygen in accordance with EIGA , AIGA and CGA requirements.

As usual with WITT fittings, the Gas Filter 77 is easy to install and maintain. The large selection of connections allows uncomplicated mounting. Thanks to the straight passage, filter cartridges can be changed quickly and condensate can easily drained. This saves time and money.

The premium-quality fitting with brass housing is 210 mm high with a diameter of 80 mm and a weight in the range of 2.8-3 kg, including the filter element. Depending on the type of gas, a maximum inlet pressure of up to 50 bar is possible. The permitted temperature range is -40 to +60 °C with a stainless-steel filter element or -30 to +60 °C with a bronze filter element.

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