Achieving the optimal gas mixture with Witt gas mixers

Gas mixer KM10-2 FLEX


In industrial metal processing, whether it be for the laser industry, automotive, ship-building or in the general steel fabrication, the quality of the gas mixture is of crucial importance for precise welding, cutting and melting results. At this year’s FABTECH EXPO in Chicago Witt Gas Controls focuses on these exact gas mixtures for all metal fabrication applications meeting the AWS 5.32 and ISO 14175 standards. As the world market leader for industrial gas mixers Witt offers the largest range of state-of the art gas mixers on the market. These gas mixers are suitable for two, three or more industrial gases and nearly all flow rates. Available with mechanical or electronic mixing vales, the gas mixers are tailored exactly to suit the customer’s process. An easy and reliable monitoring of your gas mixing systems via Intranet, Internet or mobile devices is also possible and even combinations of WITT gas mixers with integrated gas analyzers for optimal process control. In addition to of gas mixers, Witt is also exhibiting more gas-related process and safety equipment at the booth, such high flow-high pressure dome-loaded pressure regulators, flashback arrestors, decomposition arrestors for acetylene, safety relief valves or check valves to complete the process safety.