New high performance gas non-return valves from WITT


WITT-Gasetechnik is expanding its range of ULTRA non-return valves and introducing the new, larger ULTRA 30 and ULTRA 40 models. The ULTRA series is the latest generation of non-return valves from the specialist in gas safety technology and offers unique performance features:

The flow-optimized valve enables high flow rates despite its small size. With an opening pressure of around 0.058 psi, ULTRAs are ideal for low pressure applications.

High performance, big benefits

Small size, low weight, high flow, low pressure drops, low-noise operation - the ULTRA meets the demand for more compact high-performance valves and offers corresponding economic advantages for users. Design engineers can further reduce the system size and increase efficiency at the same time. And in pipework, costs are reduced thanks to smaller nominal diameters, for example in low pressure natural gas lines.

Modular system

The ULTRA 30 and ULTRA 40 models extend the model range, to now include four models with type-dependent connections from ½" to 2½". Full flexibility is offered – valves can be configured to meet specific requirements. Brass, stainless steel or aluminum housings can be easily combined with sealing materials such as FPM, EPDM or FFKM. And as is always the case at WITT, every valve is fully tested before delivery.

Suitable for oxygen

The ULTRA series is suitable for town gas /natural gas, as well as for LPG, propane, and hydrogen. Also, for non-flammable gases and compressed air. Thanks to their high-quality elastomer seals, the spring-loaded valve system is always leak-tight to atmosphere. The non-return valves can be installed in any position and are available with G or NPT threads. The valves are cleaned for use with oxygen in accordance with the EIGA and CGA standards. The elastomers used have been proven by BAM to be suitable for use in plant components for oxygen (information sheet M 034-1 of BG RCI).

 "We are pleased to further expand our range of high-performance models with the ULTRA 30 and 40," says Sales Manager Andrew Smart. "This will enable us to provide our customers with further competitive advantages."

ULTRA non-return valves