Three times focus on Food Quality


WITT Gas Controls will be exhibiting at three trade fairs focusing on the quality of packaged food. Many product highlights will be featured at IPPE, the Food Northwest Process & Packaging Expo and the CFLP Food Processing Expo.

The leak detector LEAK-MASTER® EASY makes it possible to detect even the smallest of leaks in packaging whether for food items, pharmaceutical products. The LEAK-MASTER® EASY can even be used for vacuum packaging with optional equipment.

The detection method is simple but effective. After the test sample is placed in the water-filled chamber, compressed air is used to evacuate the air space above the water level. At leakage points, the resulting vacuum causes air or filling gas to escape and bubble up to the top of the chamber in a way that is clearly visible.

For those who prefer to test the tightness of their packaging with CO2, the LEAK-MASTER® PRO 2 is the product of choice.

The PRO 2 is equipped with a number of innovations that significantly increase the performance for the user: For example, with optimized chamber size and compressed air instead of a vacuum pump to generate the vacuum. As a result, the device also finds micro-leaks down to 10 micrometers (depending on the product and the test conditions) with high precision and, above all, even faster.
The quality inspector therefore needs less time per test. In practice, 8 seconds testing time is already sufficient for many types of packaging.

An optical highlight of the new PRO generation: a surrounding LED illumination provides a clearly visible signal. During measurement, the device lights up blue, after completion of the test it either lights up red or green depending on the result. It couldn't be more intuitive or simple for the user.

And there are more essential products for quality control and food packaging to be seen at the booth: Gas analyzers, such as the worldwide established hand-held OXYBABY® for sample testing of food packages.

Measuring results in six seconds, from just a 2 ml gas sample, display of the O2 value in 0.01% increments, durable oxygen sensor – the features of the current model 6.0 make the OXYBABY® one of the most powerful sample gas analyzers available on the market.

See for yourself at the IPPE, Food Northwest Process & Packaging Expo and the CFLP Food Processing Expo.

IPPE, Atlanta, January 25th-27th, Booth C12267,

Food Northwest Process & Packaging Expo, Portland, February 3rd – 4th, Booth 534

CFLP Food Processing Expo, Sacramento, February 15th-16th, Booth 1124,