Using hydrogen safely and efficiently


Hydrogen is playing an increasing role, and gas mixtures with hydrogen are being used in many areas.

WITT, the market leader in gas mixing technology, has long been a specialist in hydrogen applications and offers the required high quality gas mixing technology. Gas mixers specially designed for hydrogen mixtures enable users to operate their processes particularly economically and safely.

Mixtures of hydrogen and other gases such as methane, oxygen or nitrogen are already used in various industrial processes, and further hydrogen applications are constantly being added.

Protective atmospheres with hydrogen/nitrogen mixtures in the semiconductor industry

Inductive soldering, so-called copper-wire bonding, is used to manufacture semiconductors. For optimal results, the copper wire is melted and bonded to the wafer under a protective atmosphere, often consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen. With their high precision and reliability, WITT gas mixers generate the required mixtures and supply the perfect protective gas for this process. Operators thus achieve the best possible production quality while keeping costs low. Other gases such as carbon dioxide, argon or helium can also be blended without any problems. A parallel design featuring two gas mixing units with automatic changeover further increases the reliability of supply.

Hydrogen as a fuel gas with oxygen

In combination with oxygen, hydrogen is increasingly used as a fuel gas in industrial processes. This explosive mixture places high demands on the necessary equipment and gas safety. WITT gas mixers have proven themselves for hydrogen/oxygen mixtures and meet the highest safety requirements. All components such as pressure regulators, mixing valves, flame arresters, gas non-return valves, flow regulators, pressure switches or piping are designed accordingly. The equipment is designed for oxygen and cleaned in accordance with EIGA 13/20 and CGA G-4.4: Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems or EIGA 33/18 and CGA G-4.1: Cleaning of Equipment for Oxygen Service. WITT gas mixers therefore make hydrogen/oxygen applications particularly safe.

WITT gas mixers are available for both low and high-capacity ranges and for two or more gases. They are intuitive to operate and can be combined with other products from the WITT portfolio, such as gas analyzers or gas filters, if desired.

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