This time at the PACK EXPO, WITT, the market leader for modified packing technology, will be showcasing a wide range of innovative solutions, from gas mixers and analyzers for MAP, to leak detectors for all kinds of food packaging.

Top-selling products featured by WITT (at booth N 4653) include the worldwide popular hand-held O2/CO2 gas analyzer OXYBABY®, for analyzing the gas concentration in packaging headspace. Also on display will be the MAP table-top gas analyzers PA 7.0. and MAPY 4.0 ®, with their enhanced designs, functions and features.

WITT’s range of leak detection systems also include further innovations: The water-based leak detector LEAK-MASTER® EASY PLUS enables the user to run a standardized test sequence.  When optionally paired with the new control unit, test sequence results are stored electronically. The CO2 trance-gas-based LEAK-MASTER® PRO 2 now has a new surrounding LED illumination, providing a clearly visible signal of the status. During measurement, the device lights up blue, and upon test completion, either green or red light up to respectively indicate pass or fail result. Finding leaky packages has never been more intuitive and user friendly.

Furthermore, customized gas mixers capable of reducing oxygen levels in packages using N2, CO2, or CO will be highlighted. Such TRI MIX gas mixers, like the KM100-3ME PvDu, are the ultimate solution for preserving the shelf life and appearance of packaged goods. They are available for different flow rates and provide an adjustable accurate mix in the less than 1% range for CO.

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Pack Expo, October 23th to 26th, McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Booth N4653