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독일 제품의 품질

종합적인 품질 관리 시스템으로 Witten 공장에서 출하된 모든 물품의 품질과 안전의 최고 수준을 보장합니다. 각 제품은 테스트를 거쳐 출하됩니다.

종합적인 품질 관리 시스템으로 Witten 공장에서 출하된 모든 물품의 품질과 안전의 최고 수준을 보장합니다. 각 제품은 테스트를 거쳐 출하됩니다.

더 보기

혁신의 힘

WITT의 끊임없는 혁신은 과거에도 현재에도 기술 선도 제품, 고객 만족, 비즈니스 성공의 근간이 되었습니다. 혁신의 힘을 보여주는 WITT의 오랜 역사의 사례를 보십시오.

WITT의 끊임없는 혁신은 과거에도 현재에도 기술 선도 제품, 고객 만족, 비즈니스 성공의 근간이 되었습니다.

더 보기

우리에 대해

WITT-Gasetechnik은 높은 품질 요건을 충족시키기 위한 가스 관련 장비 제조업체입니다. 절단 및 용접을 위한 역화방지기는 75년전부터 시작되었습니다. 오늘날, WITT는 가스 안전과 제어 장치의 완전한 범위를 제공합니다.

WITT-Gasetechnik은 높은 품질 요건을 충족시키기 위한 가스 관련 장비 제조업체입니다. WITT는 가스 안전 및 제어 장치 전품목을 제공합니다.


WITT - 가스 제어 및 안전 장비 시장 선두주자

WITT는 고품질 가스 안전 및 가스 제어 장비 제조업체입니다. WITT 가 취급하는 제품은 역화방지기, 브라스/스테인레스 스틸 재질의 논리턴 밸브와 세이프티 릴리프 밸브, 돔 레귤레이터, 가스 필터, 퀵 커플러, 뿐만 아니라 가스혼합기, 가스분석기, 포장 누설 검지 장비 등 다양한 제품들이 있습니다. 식음료, 철강산업, 자동차 공학, 항공기 및 엔진 건설, 열처리 등, WITT 제품은 가스가 사용되는 곳이라면 어디서나 높은 정밀도와 신뢰도 제공합니다.

가스 제어 및 가스 안전 장비 분야에서 75년 이상의 경험을 가지고 있는 WITT는 사용자의 니즈에 적합한 솔루션을 제공할 수 있습니다. WITT는 고객의 제품 선택부터 유지 보수, 수리뿐만 아니라 시운전에 이르기까지 모든 단계에서 도움을 제공해드립니다.

WITT’s core product lines for the safe handling of industrial gases are:

Gas mixers

Gas mixers are used to produce individual gas mixtures. WITT offers high-quality gas mixers for mixing two, three or more gases. WITT offers a wide range of gas mixers, from compact gas mixers for mobile use to complex gas supply systems. All common technical gases can be mixed, e.g. argon Ar, nitrogen N2, carbon dioxide CO2, helium He, hydrogen H2, oxygen O2 or carbon monoxide, CO. Depending on the requirements, different mixing processes are available: Mechanical or electronic gas mixers are available as well as MFC's or flow controllers, with sintered bodies.

Gas analysers

WITT gas analysers are fast, precise and versatile. The user can reliably measure the concentration of individual gases in gas mixtures. The quality of WITT gas analysers is a combination of their high-quality sensors, simple operation and long service life. The product range includes both stationary and portable gas analysers. The gas analysers can be used separately or integrated into WITT gas mixers. WITT gas analysers can be used to determine the proportions of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, helium, hydrogen or methane.

Leak testers for packaging

Only leak-tight packaging can be good packaging. For this reason, WITT offers various devices with which manufacturers can check the leak-tightness of their packaging. The program ranges from entry-level solutions for leak testing in a water bath, to CO2-based test gas systems and devices for inline leak testing. In addition to packaging for food, hygiene articles and pharmaceutical products, WITT leak testing devices can also be used in testing packaged industrial components and electronics.

Flashback arrestors / Flame Arrestors

The introduction by WITT of the dry flashback arrestor around 75 years ago was a giant leap forwards in the safe handling of flammable gases safe. Today, theseFlashback arrestors defined per DIN EN ISO 5175-1 are also known as flame arresters or flame check valves. As a pioneer, WITT today offers an incomparable range of flame arresters, from very small to very large, in brass or stainless steel, with different connections, threads and sealing materials. These fundamental safety devices provide protection against flashbacks, gas backflow, and backfire. They are suitable for fuel gases such as acetylene, propylene, propane, methane as well as hydrogen and oxygen.

Gas non-return valves

WITT gas non-return valves or check valves protect reliably against unwanted gas backflow. With unmatched low opening pressures of down to 3 mbar, WITT gas non-return valves offer uniquely low pressure drops. Other descriptors for gas non-return valves include gas check valves and gas one-way valves. WITT gas non-return valves (check valves) secure gas-carrying systems, pipelines or gas outlet points and comply with all relevant standards and regulations. The diverse product range extends up to DN 200 and offers a flow capacity of 0.01 to 3,000 m3/h. The check valves are available in brass, stainless steel or aluminum.

Gas Safety valves / Pressure relief valves

Safety relief valves for gases, also known as pressure relief valves, or blow-off valves, protect plants, pressure vessels and pipelines from overpressure. WITT safety relief valves are direct-acting and spring-loaded. When the opening pressure is reached, the safety valve opens and thereby protects pipework against excessive gas pressure. WITT offers gas safety valves with opening pressures from 5 mbar to 45 bar. WITT safety valves made of brass or stainless steel are characterized by their pressure precision and reliability of response, with volume flows of up to 970m³/h and temperature ranges from -60° C to +270°C. WITT offers for each safety valve an individual testing certificate from the German TÜV.

Gas filters

WITT gas filters protect your plant, pipes and fittings from contamination. Contaminants can originate from the gas or the piping system and affect the performance and service life of downstream equipment. The WITT range includes gas filters from 3 to 50 microns. WITT gas filters enable high flow rates. They can be used for a wide range of technical gases and are available with a variety of connections. The range includes designs featuring BAM-approved filter elements for O2.

Gas pressure regulators / Gas pressure reducers

WITT offers a specialized portfolio of gas pressure regulators. These include mobile and stationary pressure control stations and main pressure regulators as well as spring-loaded and dome pressure regulators for line installation. Pressure regulators or pressure reducers reduce the gas pressure of a gas source to the working pressure required for the application. WITT pressure regulators / pressure reducers operate with high precision. In particular, the range of dome pressure regulators offers unique pressure constancy even with fluctuating inlet pressures and gas flowrates, high flow rates and low pressure loss.

Metering valves

WITT fine metering valves for gases are the better alternative to needle valves. They allow the finest gas dosing or quantity regulation of the gas flow. Instead of regulating the flow via a needle, WITT fine metering valves work with a porous sintered body that allows a defined amount of gas to pass through. Compared to needle valves, these gas metering valves are less sensitive to contamination. WITT fine metering valves for the exact control of gas quantities are available in eight sizes, mounted as block / globe valves or as valve cartridges.

Moisture Analysers

WITT offers high-quality instruments for measuring the humidity or dew point of gases. These moisture analyzers can be used to measure dew point, relative humidity and moisture concentration in ppm (parts per million). WITT's moisture meters and dew point analyzers are equipped with a ceramic metal oxide sensor to determine the humidity in gases. Instruments for moisture measurement / dew point measurement are available as portable versions or as table-top instruments.

Air monitoring systems

Devices for room air monitoring or gas detectors protect against the dangers of excessive concentrations of certain gases in closed rooms. These can be toxic gases but also oxygen, hydrogen or CO2. WITT offers stationary systems for air monitoring. These gas warning systems permanently monitor the concentration of the respective gas and give an alarm if the alarm limits are exceeded. Depending on the requirements, WITT offers simple solutions for one gas up to complex gas warning systems with connection options for various gas sensors.

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