Biogas - Make the Most of Waste.

Biogas has the potential to become an important element in the new energy mix. Many major providers and operators of biogas plants throughout the world are already utilising WITT gas safety equipment.

Biogas results from the fermentation of organic material in a fermenter. The main component of this energy source is combustible methane (methyl hydrogen). However, a desulphurisation is necessary before the biogas can be utilised energetically, as in combined heat and power plants for example. To this end, a controlled supply of air or oxygen is fed into the biogas tank. Special WITT stainless steel non-return valves for operation in biogas plants only admit the air supply in one direction, thus effectively preventing hazardous gas mixtures.

Installing WITT's ultra-low cracking pressure NRVs on the air feed into your digesters, biogas pipework, carbon filters, etc. makes your plant ...

More economical

  • Reduced capital costs - with WITT Non-Return Valves you have the lowest possible pressure drop between the compressors and the vessels, so you can use smaller duty compressors and smaller bore pipework
  • Reduced operating costs - reducing the duty of the compressors will use less electricity
  • Reduced maintenance costs - WITT's high quality Non-Return Valves in brass and stainless steel withstand corrosion, reduce maintenance and last longer

Safer to operate, reducing your risk and your customers' risk

  • Ultra-reliable leak-tight re-seating - preventing any risk of back-flow of biogas when the compressor stops. 100 % tested. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 5175.

Benefit straightaway

  • Easy to retrofit - WITT NRVs can easily be retrofitted into existing pipework systems, giving you extra revenue from your existing customers. Full range of connections available. Can be mounted in any direction/orientation.
  • World-wide availability - via WITT's global subsidiaries and partners

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