WITT 4.0 - Smart gas technology for connected manufacturing

 "Industry 4.0" is the name of a now worldwide project to integrate modern IT technology into production and connect production processes. Originally, "Industry 4.0" goes back to an initiative of the German Federal Government to digitise as many production processes as possible. Intelligent and connected systems are intended to enable self-organizing processes that optimize not only individual production areas, but entire value-added chains.

"Everything connected" is also the claim for gas technology. WITT is one of the first manufacturers to take up this topic comprehensively under the term "WITT 4.0".

WITT 4.0 shows how safe and transparent gas supply and manufacturing processes can be - for example with gas mixers with digital control and standardised interfaces as well as modern industrial valves with integrated sensor technology.

Focus on "smart" valves

By combining high-tech sensor technology and electronic components, WITT is taking its first-class valves into the next generation. Many valves, e.g. dome pressure regulators, safety pressure relief valves but also flashback arresters, already have the so-called smart option or are being prepared for it. As integrated solutions, the products offer real added value: only one component, one signal transmitter, less space requirement, faster installation and cost advantages compared to fractional solutions.

Real-time information for decision-makers

But not only valves are networked at WITT, but all components of the gas supply. Gas mixers, gas analysers, pressure regulating stations, dome pressure regulators, gas non-return valves, safety releif valves and flashback arrestors can be integrated into one network. All data is transmitted in real time for maximum transparency and information.

Example: Smart dome pressure regulators 4.0

WITT dome pressure regulators are considered the best in the world - with highest pressure constancy no matter what the conditions, low pressure drop and long service life.

The smart WITT dome pressure regulator is even better. Integrated sensors measure the gas pressure and temperature at the inlet and outlet. The world's first integration of the sensor technology into the regulator allows a much more compact, reliable and economical solution than before. Additional smart feature: the current gas flow is calculated from the measured data. Another valuable piece of information for the plant operator.

All data is shown on a display and can be sent in real time via network connection to other systems, for example via telemetry systems of cryogenic gas tanks. This ensures maximum operational safety, exact processes and a high degree of transparency.

Dome pressure regulators

Example: Smart Safety Pressure Relief Valves 4.0

Safety relief valves prevent excessive pressure and thus protect plants, machines, production processes and, last but not least, human lives. If there is a defined overpressure, the safety relief valve opens. The pressure is reduced by blowing off the gas. As soon as the pressure drops below the danger threshold, the safety relief valve closes directly. This is done so safely and reliably that the opening of the valve may go completely unnoticed.

With the smart option WITT safety relief valves can simply do more and offer more information and safety. Sensors are integrated into the valve to monitor the opening status of the valve. The safety valve sends this status in real time via an open collector connector output. With this information, the plant operator always has an eye on whether critical situations arise and can intervene quickly if necessary. Errors in the process are detected and can be eliminated.

Safety Relief Valves

Example: Smart Gas Mixers 4.0

Smart WITT gas mixers with electronic control are extremely network-compatible and ideal components for connected manufacturing processes. WITT relies on the open network protocol OPC-UA ("Open Platform Communication - Unified Architecture") of the OPC Foundation - a network of already more than 600 manufacturers. The universal interface is considered a worldwide standard in manufacturer-independent device communication and enables simple communication between different systems.

With Smart World WITT also offers the appropriate software to control various devices and systems. Smart World bundles all data of a gas installation on one screen, from different components and independent oft he manufacturer. The basis for communication is OPC-UA. The user has full control over all areas of his gas installation. The Smart World communication can take place in both directions. Data can therefore not only be received, but also sent, for example to define new limit values.

With WITT 4.0 you are best equipped for the modernisation and digitalisation of your production processes to implement Industry 4.0.

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