Dome Pressure Regulator ADR 75

Manifold pressure regulator for acetylene up to 75 m³/h

  • extremely stable outlet pressure independent of inlet pressure and flow rate
  • ideal control of medium flow rates at cylinder batteries or bundle systems
  • due to ultra-low pressure loss, the dynamic pressure of the ADR 75 is as close as possible to 1.5 bar
  • for optimum emptying of bundle and trailer systems
  • BAM type-approval testing according to DIN EN ISO 7291:2021-03 No. 9.4.6
  • complies with the requirements of German TRGS 407 Annex 4 Acetylene

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Powerful manifold pressure regulator, designed to TRGS 407 and type-tested by BAM according to DIN EN ISO 7291 to regulate high flows at acetylene cylinder manifolds or bundles.


  • extremely low pressure drop (Δp) from static to dynamic conditions (outlet pressure close to 1.5 bar) for heat treatment processes
  • 75 Nm3/h flow capacity
  • extremely stable outlet pressure independent of inlet pressure and flow for example when using acetylene in heat treatment plants
  • integrated pilot pressure regulator with pressure gauge and outlet pressure gauge
  • own-medium controlled enabling autonomous operation (no separate gas supply required)
  • enables maximum emptying of bundle and trailer systems

Operation / Usage
The ADR 75 for acetylene is used to reduce high pressure to working pressure in acetylene supplies as required in EN 14114.
Given the high regulating accuracy and flow specifications, it is suitable for all applications with high pressure requirements.

The ADR 75 consists of a pilot pressure regulator in combination with a dome loaded pressure regulator. The required pipeline pressure is adjusted by the pilot pressure regulator to a maximum of 1.5 bar (2.5 bar available on request).

It is recommended that a leak check to atmosphere at regular intervals be conducted. Repairs are only to be carried out by the manufacturer.

Company certified according to ISO 9001 and PED 2014/68/EU Module H
CE-marked according to:
- PED 2014/68/EU


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