Pressure Regulating Station 386NPL (O2/other technical gases)

Pressure regulating station for the central gas supply up to 200 m³/h, manual changeover

  • fixed installation or for installation on mobile packs / bundles
  • minimises the risk of accidents
  • ensures continuous gas supply and control of a pipeline in accordance with current technical regulations and norms
  • compact and robust
  • completely mounted and tested

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WITT Pressure regulating station 1x1 or manually changeable 2x1 for central gas supplies.
Every pressure regulating station 100% tested.


  • pressure regulating station completely mounted and tested
  • stationary or to fit on bundles
  • quick and easy wall mounting
  • compact robust design
  • suitable for connection with bundles
  • manifold pressure regulator according to DIN EN ISO 7291

Operation / Usage:

The pressure regulating station ensures continuous gas supply and control of a pipeline, which is connected with pipeline outlets and reduces the risk of accidents. Supplying from single cylinders is no longer necessary.


  • 1x1 pressure regulating station 386NPL
  • 2x1 pressure regulating station 386NPL manually changeable
  • maximally available up to 3x1 (on request)

consisting of:
high pressure gate valve 1x or 2x dependant on option
1x pressure regulator with blow off valve
1x ball valve in the outlet

  • complete mounted and tested on stainless steel plate


  • flush valve
  • second outlet and/or up to 60 bar outlet pressure (special equipment)
  • flexible hose standards for connection of pressure regulating station with gas supply (cylinder, gas cylinder manifolds, bundles, ...), adapter suitable for bundle connections
  • screw connection for pipe (soldering end, WITTFIX, welding end)
  • pressure gauge with contacts
  • safety device 85-30 according to DIN EN ISO 5175-1 against gas backflow and flashback


Company certified to ISO 9001
Designed for Oxygen Service in accordance with EIGA 13/20 and CGA G-4.4: Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems
Cleaned for Oxygen Service in accordance with EIGA 33/18 and CGA G-4.1: Cleaning of Equipment for Oxygen Service


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