Safety First in Medical Applications

Gas Mixers for Synthetic Air

In many industrial and medical applications meticulously clean air is essential. Natural ambient air includes impurities such as dust, germs, viruses, oxides and at worst toxic particles.

An alternative to purification of natural air is the production of synthetic air. This is a mixture of pure oxygen and nitrogen with a similar composition to the atmosphere. The WITT synthetic air generator MED-MG will reliably produce this mixture at a low initial cost, simple installation, low energy costs and with the minimum of maintenance.

Avoiding treatment errors - Testing medical gases before use 

While accidents after medical gas applications are rare, they can have fatal consequences; in most cases due to a simple confusion of the plug connections for oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Notwithstanding the colour codes of the tapping points, such confusion might already have occurred when connecting the gas supply or due to improper maintenance operations.  

Testing the gas media prior to their use is recommendable in order to safeguard the patient’s health and protect the responsible physician from legal claims. These tests can now be done easily and cost-efficiently with the gas analyser “Oxybaby Med”: The wireless gas analyser for single-hand use is simply connected to the tapping point, with the measurement starting automatically and the result being indicated in the illuminated display. The device features a hygienically-optimised design and not only checks for the gas type, but also measures the concentration and pressure. The device comes with an adapter set for the various connection types. A special benefit: The last 500 measurements are stored in a readable format for evidence purposes.

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