Dome pressure regulator HD for welding gas mixtures supply

Legris: "Pressure stability improved our customer’s welding process"

Legris India offers gas supply solutions, including gas storage and mixing systems. One such project is supplying welding gas mixtures to Indian Railways at Raebareli. CO2 (from cylinders) and Argon (from a cryogenic tank) are supplied into WITT Gas Mixers.

Mr Manoj Niraj, Project Manager at Legris, describes the challenge:

“We had problems during the commissioning of the system due to not enough CO2 flow to the mixers through the old CO2 regulator on the cylinder manifold. Our customer needs stable flow even in fluctuating demands from the mixers depending on the usage rates. And the regulator failed to provide constant pressure to the mixer with fluctuating flow. There was always a drop of pressure that activated the mixer input pressure alarms.”

He approached WITT with this problem and WITT’s Indian service team came out with a solution –a WITT dome-loaded pressure regulator 737LE-HD/S. This regulator is designed to deliver stable outlet pressure irrespective of flow fluctuations, and irrespective of changes in upstream pressures.

Mr. Niraj’s conclusion:

"With the WITT regulator, our customer has had trouble-free operation for almost a year, no production loss or downtime, with no stoppage of operation due to CO2 supply failure, and no variation of outlet pressure with flow."


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