WITT's Purchasing Policies

  • Customer satisfaction takes centre stage, whether internal or external.
  • We expect an established quality system e.g. conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001 or equivalent.
  • Our ambition is also our responsibility: no faults, on-time delivery, flexibility, a desire for improvement.
  • We can only meet the constantly rising demands of our customers by working with suppliers who constantly increase their performance.
  • Purchasing decisions are based solely on objective and comprehensible reasons.
  • We collaborate with our suppliers on a trustful and long-term basis. The key to such a collaboration is the punctual and flexible execution of our requirements, distinctive cost-consciousness, innovative ideas and teamwork in solving technical problems.
  • Becoming a supplier

    We would like to get to know you. Please fill in the form below and send it by fax to +49 2302 8901-3. Or contact us by phone: +49 2302 8901-170.

    WITT Supplier Questionnaire
    Code of Conduct for Suppliers.pdf

    WITT will protect your personal data and collect your data only for the purpose for which you provide it.

  • Being a supplier

    As an existing supplier of WITT you have the possibilty of cooperating actively. Please see further information below:

    WITT Standard Requirements
    General Purchasing Terms and Conditions
    Code of Conduct for Suppliers.pdf

  • Our range of purchased products

    Turned and milled parts incl. surface finishing

    • Material: brass (85%), stainless steel (10%) and aluminium (5%)
    • Processing rods: diameter 3-200mm
    • Insert work pieces: diameter max. 100mm


    Flame arrestors made of stainless steel/bronze

    Filters made of stainless steel/bronze

    Hot-forging parts made of brass

    Elastomers (e.g. sheet materials, o-rings, moulding parts, stamping parts)

    Pressure vessels according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

    • Volume 20 - 4000 l
    • Material: steel and stainless steel
    • Pressure range 10 - 16 barG

    Measuring and control technology

    • Solanoid valves
    • Mass flow controller
    • Pressure regulators
    • Pressure gauges

    Ball valves

    PCB assemblies

    Sensors (Chemical, Paramagnetic, Zirconium)

    Sheet metal housings and tailored blanks made of stainless steel

    Electrical controls

    DIN and standard parts