Pressure Regulator ADR 150F

Manifold pressure regulator for acetylene up to 150 m³/h

  • for a stable working pressure and a safe workplace
  • regulation of high flows from cylinder batteries / bundles
  • setting of required pipeline pressure is adjusted by the spindle valve
  • requires no additional pilot gas


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Powerful manifold pressure regulator to regulate high flows at acetylene cylinder manifolds or bundles (packs).


  • integrated relief valve (according to ISO 7291)
  • 150 m3/h flow capacity
  • integrated blow-off valve and outlet pressure gauge
  • requires no additional pilot gas

Operation / Usage:
The ADR 150F for acetylene is used to reduce high pressure to working pressure in acetylene supplies as required according to EN 14114.

The ADR 150F is a spring-loaded pressure regulator. The required pipeline pressure is adjusted by the spindle.

It is recommended that a leak check concerning the atmosphere is conducted at regular intervals. Repairs are only to be carried out by the manufacturer.

Company certified according to ISO 9001 and PED 97/23/EC Module H
CE-marked according to PED 97/23/EC, category III, Safety accessories



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