Dome Pressure Regulators

WITT is a supplier of high-quality pressure regulators / pressure reducers for the adjustment or pressure reduction of gases. Dome pressure regulators are a type of pressure regulator which is usually used in line installations. They are particularly suitable for fluctuating gas withdrawal rates and large flow rates with small pressure differences. WITT dome pressure regulators ensure maximum control, even when the inlet pressure drops down to 1 bar above the outlet pressure. Their constant outlet pressure ensures that the downstream processes can be controlled. WITT dome pressure regulators can be used for inlet pressures up to 300 bar, and offer control ranges from 500 mbar to 60 bar.

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The dome pressure regulators / pressure reducers are operated in combination with a pilot pressure regulator / control pressure regulator, or optionally with a proportional valve, which is used to set the desired working pressure. The gas to be regulated (own medium) or a different gas can be used as pilot gas / control gas.

WITT dome pressure regulators / pressure reducers are available individually or as a completely assembled set including control pressure regulator, gauges and connections. The sets are delivered fully assembled and tested – and are ready to use. The WITT dome pressure regulators / pressure reducers are particularly easy to install due to their compact design.

WITT dome pressure regulators at a glance

  • for O2 of 30 barg and for N2, Ar, He, H2, CH4 of 40 barg up to 0.5-30 barg, flow rates up to 15,000 Nm3/h (N2), Kv values from 2.4 to 30
  • Our high pressure models LE-HD/S: for O2, N2, Ar, He, H2, CH4 from 300 barg up to 0,5- 60 barg, flow rates up to 2.400 Nm3/h, Kv value 1,65
  • CO2-specific models available (from 100 barg to 0.5-26 barg)
  • Standard gas temperature range: -30°C to +50°C
  • Threaded and flanged connections from G 3/4" to G 3" / DN100 - DIN or ANSI
  • Customer-specific versions available, e.g. with proportional valves

Functionality of dome pressure regulators

Dome pressure regulators are operated by means of gas pressure. In contrast to spring-loaded pressure regulators or pressure reducers, the opening force of the valve required for pressure reduction is not generated by a spring, but by the pressure of a so-called pilot gas / control gas. In the WITT dome pressure regulator sets, the gas to be regulated is used as the pilot gas ("own medium control"). The pilot gas is fed via a built-in pilot gas regulator into the pressure chamber of the dome, where it meets a valve seat. Here it acts on a diaphragm whose stroke movement is transmitted to the valve seat via a diaphragm plate. The valve is thus opened or closed by the pressure of the pilot gas and the corresponding stroke movement of the diaphragm, depending on the set outlet pressure, and transmits the gas at the required pressure. Excess pilot gas is discharged into the outlet via an integrated gas pressure relief valve. WITT dome pressure regulator sets are thus closed systems and their set pressure can be adjusted when desired, even during operation.

Typical applications of dome pressure regulators

In principle, dome pressure regulators are suitable for any application in which a given gas pressure is to be regulated or reduced or reduced to a working pressure suitable for the application.

Because of their unmatched pressure control accuracy, WITT dome pressure regulators are ideally suited to all applications requiring stable outlet pressures. These include :

  • at cryogenic tank vapouriser outlets
  • for CO2 systems for welding gases
  • in industrial high-pressure gas supply, e.g. from compressed gas transporters, cylinder bundles and buffer tanks
  • installed in compressors and turbines to regulate seal-gases.

WITT dome pressure regulators meet standards and norms.

WITT-Gasetechnik is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and DGRL 2014/68/EU Module H. All WITT dome pressure regulators are CE marked under TUV supervision and comply with the DGRL 2014/68/EU directive. ATEX 2014/34/EU certification is available on request and depends on the application, according to EN 1127-1, DIN EN 13463-1 and ZH1/200. The pressure regulators are suitable for food applications. They meet the European framework regulations (EG) 1935/2004 and (EG) 2023/2006 and the requirements of the Food, Commodities and Feed Code (LFGB). All materials that come into contact with O2 are BAM tested in accordance with the M034e data sheet (BGI 617e). The design of the dome pressure regulators for O2 above 100 barg was subjected to the BAM test for adiabatic decompression according to ISO 7291, paragraph 9.4.4. In addition, WITT has received specific O2 approvals from the global industrial gas producers.


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