Gas Mixers for Beverage Industry

Gas Mixers for Beer Packaging and Dispense

Using WITT gas mixers, you ensure the quality of your beer – in packaging and dispense. In order to keep beer fresh, the beverage is often produced using “shields” of protective gases such as CO2 or nitrogen or a combination of both. WITT gas mixing systems provide flow rates between approx. 50 to 500 m³ mixed gas per hour in a flexible mixing ratio between 0 - 100%. The control can be manual or electronic and as an option by remote control. Integrated gas analysers ensure optimal quality at any time.

Also during the dispense of beer WITT gas mixers have proven to be optimal for quality improvement. Most notably in large installations, in which beer has to be transported over long distances, eg. football stadiums. Gas mixtures consisting of nitrogen and CO2 provide the necessary gas pressure and avoid an over-carbonation of the beverage. The mixers are variable according to beer type, an expensive storage of different gas mixtures is not necessary.