Does Your Process Involve Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?

To keep the healthy freshness of perishable goods is the major task of food processing applications today. Whether vegetable, fruit, meat or fish, the processing and packaging of perishable goods without modified atmospheres is presently unimaginable.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) provides a longer shelf life and an improved appearance of freshness regarding taste, colour and form. The modified atmosphere in the food package counteracts the growth of microbiological organisms and bio-chemical reactions and the consequent spoilage of the goods.

The use of MAP is a fundamental part of a precise quality assurance as well as a reliable and cost-efficient alternative to refrigeration or preservatives.

WITT offers specific devices and systems for the mixing, metering and analysing of gases for every type of packaging machine that is used in the food industry. With these products, WITT has become the world leading manufacturer of gas mixers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP.

Modified atmospheres - Big effects, small efforts

The WITT systems are suited to specific types of products and techniques used by customers and require only a small installation effort.

Customers benefit by WITT's experience for many years. WITT was able to place the first production gas mixers for thermoforming packaging machines on the market in 1977. Since then, the gas mixers have been modified and continuously improved. Today, the gas mixers meet all technical requirements.

Modern gas analysing and gas metering systems have been added to the product range.

Whether as a remote controlled system or as the handy and portable oxygen analyser OXYBABY® for mobile quality checks.

These key solutions by WITT are developed and designed in cooperation with leading manufacturers of food packaging machines and renowned institutes.

The main application area of the WITT gas mixer is the use in connection with vacuum, thermoforming, chamber, form, fill and seal packaging machines. The principle of MAP is to replace the normal atmosphere in the pack by a specified gas mixture. The main components of these precise gas mixtures are oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Due to the requirements of HACCP, all food packages have to be tested for leaks during production. With the package leak detector LEAK-MASTER®, WITT can offer manual or fully automatic solutions. Even vacuum packs or products without CO2 can be tested for leaks using the LEAK-MASTER® EASY.

Practical example: Leak detection with LEAK-MASTER EASY

Practical example: Dome pressure regulators in industrial plants

Practical example: Dome pressure regulators for optimum emptying of gas tanks

Practical example: Seamless cut-in of back-up supply sources


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