15-in-1 gas analyser MFA 10.0 - for service calls or for continuous analysis

Multi gas analyser for service calls or for continuous analysis


The new MFA 10.0 from WITT is extremely versatile. The multi-gas analyser can determine the composition of 15 different gas mixtures - and it does so extremely precisely and quickly.

This makes the compact and lightweight device ideal for on-site service purposes, but it can also be used for continuous analysis.

The MFA 10.0 analyses various two-gas mixtures of argon, helium, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. The reading is carried out in a matter of seconds, applying the thermal conductivity measurement principle. The advantage of this technology is that the measuring cell enjoys a very long service life.

The new WITT analyser is particularly user-friendly. It is operated via a 7" touch screen with password protection. Gas combinations can be selected and alarm limits defined quite intuitively. If the limits are exceeded, an acoustic and/or visual alarm is triggered, and (where specified) an alarm acknowledgement requirement. All measurements can be viewed and exported via the measurement history function.

Particularly useful for the user: Unlike competitor devices, the MFA 10.0 does not have to be recalibrated when the gas combination is changed. This simplifies handling and saves valuable working time.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, low weight and integrated handle, the new MFA 10.0 with its robust stainless steel housing can be used as a mobile unit. However, it is also suitable as a stationary unit for continuous monitoring of gas mixtures. An RJ45 network connection, an analogue output and three potential-free relay contacts are available for signal transmission. The input pressure may be in the range of 1.5 to 10 barg, the temperature range in the range of -5°C to 50°C.

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