2-in-1 gas analyser for modified atmosphere packaging - OXYPAD: new device class for QM


With the new O2/CO2 gas analyser OXYPAD, WITT-Gasetechnik presents a true 2-in-1 solution for the quality control of modified atmosphere packaging: high-quality table-top device and mobile analyser in one. The innovative design is particularly user-friendly and makes operation quick, easy and safe.

In developing this device, market-leader WITT has applied the full weight of its decades of experience, and the feedback of thousands of users. Its innovation goes way beyond the highest applicable industry standards. The result : a particularly compact and functional solution.

High reliability

Inside the OXYPAD, the best available gas sensor technology is deployed. A sample can be taken from the packaging quickly and efficiently by means of the needle, and the proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide can be determined. Thanks to the small gas sample requirement, even small packages with very low gas volumes can be tested.

Individual limit values per gas can be defined for each package. If these are exceeded, the user is alerted by an alarm. Another function that makes the measurement results particularly reliable: if the needle or the filter is slightly contaminated, the analyser adjusts the output so that a correct measurement is still given. If the needle is blocked, a warning is given. False measurements are thus effectively prevented.

Perfect for mobile use

Weighing just under 600 grams, with its compact design and equipped with a rechargeable battery - the OXYPAD has been deliberately developed for mobile use. Innovative design details clearly distinguish the WITT device from other models. Only WITT’s design hides the tube and needle safely and tidily behind a flap on the front. When carrying the unit, nothing sticks out and can snag. There is no danger of getting the hose snagged, or injuring yourself on the needle.

The needle holder, the key tool for the quality inspector, has also been optimised. The ergonomically shaped aluminium needle pen is easy to hold, has a solid feel, and makes puncturing even the smallest packages particularly easy. The smooth twisting mechanism protects the sensitive needle and makes for safe handling.

Intuitive operation - via touchscreen

The OXYPAD is operated via the 7" colour touchscreen. The user interface is clear and functional, so the device can be operated intuitively without extensive training. Via drop-down menus, the user can select other products or packaging lines in a matter of seconds. All settings and master data maintenance are also simple to manage.

With its graphic display, the inspector can see the result of the analysis at a glance. As additional information, the pressure in the packaging is also determined and displayed. The statistics function allows direct access to the measurement history. The last 5000 measurements are stored and can be exported via the USB port for archiving.

Low operating and maintenance costs

OXYPAD is not only easy and safe to operate, but also offers remarkably low operating costs and ease of servicing. User can undertake the calibration themselves. The needle, hose and filter can be changed easily, with no tools needed. Depending on the application, the service life of the O2 sensor in air is up to 2 years. Both the sensor and the rechargeable battery can be changed - inexpensively and quickly by the user instead of by the manufacturer at the factory, as is usually the case.

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