Moisture measurement in gases - quickly and reliably



Even low levels of moisture in gases and compressed air can lead to deviations in industrial processes or cause damage to equipment. Regular checks of trace moisture are therefore important. WITT offers two high-quality measuring devices for the determination of humidity or dew point of gases: the mobile hand-held device HYDROBABY and the desktop device MFA H2O.

These instruments determine relevant measured variables such as the dew point in °C and the volume ratio of water vapour to gas in ppmv. In addition, they generate graphical trend curves of the measured values.

WITT moisture analysers operate with a ceramic metal oxide sensor. This leading-edge sensor technology is characterised by its fast measuring speed, exact measurements as well as its high reproducibility. A result is usually available after only 3 minutes, with a dew point accuracy of  +/-2°C. This saves the service technician’s time, and ensures the high reliability of the results.

The large measuring range from -110 to +20 °C embraces a wide range of applications. In addition, the measurement technology is contamination-resistant. The measurement is temperature-compensated and, if desired, also pressure-compensated via an optional pressure sensor.

The particularly small and lightweight HYDROBABY was developed especially for mobile use. The robust device made of shock-resistant plastic and pressed aluminum weighs only around 1600 grams and is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery. A built-in diagnostic routine protects against incorrect measurements and warns of clogged filters. With its IP65 protection classification, the HYDROBABY is weatherproof and ideal for outdoor measurements.

Also compact and mobile, but designed more for benchtop operation, is the MFA H2O. As additional features, this variant has an integrated dosing valve and a flow meter. Furthermore, a vacuum pump can also be incorporated, to enable sampling from ambient air or in the negative pressure range.

Both instrument types have an illuminated graphic display, are easy to operate, and provide multiple benefits with low operating costs. Analysis data is logged and can be transferred via the USB interface. A 4-20 mA signal is also available as an option. All analysers are supplied with a calibration procedure.

Classic applications for moisture measurement include monitoring condensation in natural gas pipelines, controlling dryer systems in compressed air pipelines or monitoring furnace gases in heat treatment. Moisture measurement is also relevant in numerous other applications, such as welding and cutting, cryogenics, petrochemicals, medicine and pharmaceuticals, and in the food industry.

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