New Leak-Master® Easy Plus delights the quality inspector

Package Leak Detector Leak-Master Easy Plus


Witt-Gasetechnik has further optimised its leak tester "Leak-Master® Easy Plus". These ever popular leak testers which generate digital documentation from their water bath tests, are now even more convenient to use.

The test method in a water bath is particularly uncomplicated and cost-effective and has the advantage that a weak point in the packaging is clearly visible, as air bubbles rise to the water surface in the event of a leak. In many cases, this error localization makes it possible to optimize the packaging or manufacturing process and thus reduce the error rate.

The "Leak-Master® Easy Plus" offers the ideal combination of all the advantages of water bath testing with the rich possibilities of digital control. With this, the quality manager can predefine standardized test programs and electronically record and document all the data from the leak tests as performed. If required, the testing device can even be integrated into a wider network.

The new high-resolution touch display and the new user interface offer an even clearer and more intuitive user-friendly menu navigation, perfecting the inspection process and the documentation of the measurement results for the quality inspector.

Products, users and test programs can be created quickly and easily. After logging on to the device and selecting the product to be tested, the user places the package in the test chamber filled with water, closes the lid and starts the test program. The pre-set vacuum is generated automatically and maintained for the defined period. The user carries out a visual inspection as usual, and after the test must enter whether the packaging was leak-tight or not. The result is a standardized test sequence that can be reproduced at any time. So simple - so effective.

The Witt engineers have completely re-designed both the hardware and the software for optimal ease of use. The result is an easy-to-use testing instrument, leaving nothing to be desired in terms of functionality.  

The Leak-Master® Easy Plus is suitable for leak testing virtually any packaging and numerous components. The only requirement is the presence of air or gas inside the item to be tested. The instrument is available in several chamber sizes.

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