With WITT you are H2 READY.

H2 ready gas safety valves and control equipment


As a market leader with decades of experience, WITT offers relevant components for hydrogen applications and production: Gas mixers, gas analysers, pressure regulators and fittings. WITT products are field-proven and set the standards in terms of safety and performance and make your hydrogen process safe and efficient.

Mixtures of hydrogen and other gases are already used in various industrial processes, and further hydrogen applications are constantly being added. Hydrogen is increasingly used as a raw material, process gas or energy carrier, but the gas is highly flammable and reactive as well as explosive when mixed with oxygen. The demands on the necessary equipment and gas safety technology are correspondingly high.



Special materials are used for hydrogen applications, such as suitable stainless steels for the housings or elastomers made of EPDM or FFKM for the seals. With a declaration of conformity, we assure you of the suitability for hydrogen.

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