Safety Relief Valve SV 805-ES / SV 805A-ES

Safety Relief Valve, stainless steel, for venting excess pressure from receivers, pipelines and other equipment, 0.5 to 45 bar

  • spring-loaded, direct-acting safety relief valve
  • every safety relief valve 100% tested
  • with or without venting adapter
  • certified to PED 2014/68/EU, Module H
  • CE 0045
  • set to exactly the opening pressure you specify
  • also ideal for use with corrosive gases
  • length:  90-148 mm, 260/660 g
  • NEW: „smart-option“ for connected manufacturing

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    Spring-loaded, direct-acting safety relief valve for venting excess pressure from receivers, pipelines and other equipment.


    • conforms to PED 97/23/EC, category IV, Module B and D
    • individual opening pressure
    • TÜV-certification of pressure setting
    • sealing material to suit gas or at customer's request
    • compact size for easy, problem-free installation
    • range of inlet connections
    • with / without condensation outlet
    • protective dust cap
    • SV805A (manual ventilation), for checking of safety function
    • adapter for connection to ventilation pipe


    • signals its status: open or closed
    • digital NPN / PNP open collector signal


    • Manufactured and certified in accordance with EN ISO 4126-1
    • Company certified to ISO 9001and PED 97/23/EC Module H
    • CE-marked in acordance with PED 97/23/EC

    Other models, options and accessories available on request.
    Please identify the individual gases, temperature, opening pressure, inlet connection and with or without condensation outlet at the time of enquiring!