Continuous modified atmosphere analysis before sealing

Gas Analyser MAPY VAC


It doesn't get any faster than this: The new MAPY VAC inline gas analyser from Witt-Gasetechnik checks the modified atmosphere of packages processed in tray-sealers and thermoformers before the packages are finally sealed.

Why wait until the packaging is sealed to perform quality control? There is now a much better way to check the quality of the entire output of a machine. And one with twice the benefits: The MAPY VAC device checks the vacuum generated in the packaging machine first, then measures the incoming inert gas in the sealing tool itself. Thus, the measurement is performed in sync with the machine cycle.

"The MAPY VAC was specially designed for tray-sealers and thermoformers". Witt managing director Martin Bender explains.

If the individually definable limit values for O2 or CO2 are exceeded, an alarm is triggered, or the MAPY VAC halts the operation of the packaging machine immediately. The entire process is fully automated and extremely fast. This results in seamless and non-destructive inline quality control. For even greater safety, the new Witt analyser also checks the gas concentration in the packaging machine's buffer tank.

The major benefit of inline analysis: If something goes wrong with the gas mixture, or as the protective gas is introduced into the packaging, the user recognises this immediately and is then able to intervene directly in the process to correct the problem. The use of this approach prevents ongoing malfunctions, with their resultant costly corrective actions later – which would include the repackaging of all products and disposal of the unusable packaging.

Witt is introducing the MAPY VAC as a compact unit in a hygienic stainless steel housing. The device accurately and reliably measures oxygen, as well as carbon dioxide (if required), in the 0 to 100 percent range. The measured values are displayed in increments of 0.01% for gas concentrations below 10% and in increments of 0.1% for gas concentrations above 10%.

Witt's GASCONTROL CENTER digital control software controls and monitors all actions and communicates with the packaging line systems. The analyser is integrated within the user’s network via an Ethernet interface. All procedures are stored internally and can be exported. Two variants are available: With a touchscreen, or as a black box version without a display, specially designed for automated machine control.

"With inline gas analysis, we see a real productivity gain for the user and enhanced safety for the consumer", Bender believes. "The 100% quality control process offers optimum quality assurance and is a perfect complement to the final random batch sampling as one last check before the packages are despatched.

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