Semiconductor industry

Whether it’s mobile phones, computers or industrial electronics - without complex microchips and semiconductors a large part of today's technology would be unthinkable.

The manufacture of these chips requires extreme precision. Especially in copper wire bonding (inductive soldering), being the bonding of the wafers with the copper wires that later transmit the electrical signals – a very high-quality soldering result is essential.

In order to achieve these optimum results, the copper wire is melted under a protective atmosphere (DIN ISO 857-2) and bonded to the wafer. This ensures that no impurities, for example from the ambient air, react with the material and reduce the quality of the semiconductors or oxidize the material during the soldering process via the oxygen in the ambient air. Gas mixers are often used to generate the shielding gas.

WITT gas mixers provide the perfect protective gas mixture for this process, often consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen. The nitrogen shields the oxygen from the environment and is highly inert, while the hydrogen promotes the soldering process. Other gases such as carbon dioxide, argon or helium can also be mixed and used in the protective atmosphere.

WITT gas mixers are available for both low and high flow ranges and for two or more gases. They can be operated manually via intuitive controls, or remotely. And they can be combined with other products from the WITT portfolio, such as gas analyzers or gas filters.

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