Quality and safety in thermal processing plants

In the steel industry, metals are formed, refined and protected by heat treatment. To achieve optimum results, forming gases such as nitrogen, argon and hydrogen are used in different compositions. Gases are used in the various processes, e.g. to protect the steel from oxidation by the oxygen which is used to boost the temperature and combustion efficiency. Gas mixtures tailored to the individual process have to be accurate and consistent.

WITT gas mixers are the most reliable

Whether the gas mixture is to be a shielding gas or to be applied in surface treatment, the accuracy of the mixture is crucial to maintaining consistent results. WITT gas mixers for forming gases are characterized by their unique adaptability to the task at hand. From inert gas mixers for steel production to time-controlled gas dosing systems for carbonizing furnaces, WITT offers the solution for your application. All of the parameters, such as flow rate, percentage composition, pressure ratios and variations prescribed for purging cycles within your control.

Process optimization using gas analysis

The use of WITT gas analyzers ensures that thermal processes are protected and optimized. For example, an H2 emergency shutdown can be activated as a safeguard as soon as the H2 content of a mixture exceeds 5 %.  In this case, the H2 addition can be interrupted and automatically countered with nitrogen.

An automatic switchover to an emergency supply and a variety of other alarm-state actions are also possible. The gas analyzers will monitor the precise blend of the forming gases, and can feed back to the mixers to keep the blend within the tolerance range you set.

Dangerous gas mixtures can be avoided with gas reverse flow protection

A further indispensable point for the perfect and economic protection of the thermal process plant is the use of gas reverse flow protection to avoid the formation of dangerous gas mixtures. WITT’s range of ultra-low opening pressure and ultra-low pressure drop non-return valves offer the definitive solution, ensuring safety even when every millibar counts.

The use of gas mixers combined with gas analyzers and non-return valves provides the user with comprehensive safety in handling flammable gases and protects the person, the machine and the product. This is what the name WITT stands for: high reliability, precision and safety.