Outlet Points

Gas Outlet Points

WITT offers a wide range of gas outlet points for almost all technical gases, pressure and flow requirements. The product portfolio contains versions for single-user supply as well as special designs e.g. for the supply of gas cutting machines.

The user-friendly outlet points are connected to the central gas supply system (ring main). The compact systems are ready for wall mounting and are modularly expansible. The outlet points are supplied with a ball valve and fittings (WITTFIX-pipe couplers, soldering end and/or welding socket) at the gas inlet and have a nozzle or a male thread at the gas outlet.

WITT gas outlet points offer customized combinations of gas lines and design features. Depending on the requirements, the outlet points can be combined with pressure regulators, flashback arrestors, check valves or quick couplers.

In addition to our standard product program, we supply individual solutions meeting your requirements. WITT gas outlet points are delivered completely mounted and tested.