Test Rig for Flashback Arrestors

The WITT test rig allows for the testing of flashback arrestors and check valves on a regular basis.

With just one device all performance tests can be carried out: leak-tightness to the atmosphere, test of check valves against reverse gas flow, functionality of the pressure sensitive gas cut-off valve and measurement of the flashback arrestors’ flow capacity.

The Test Rig 722 is easy to use, has a robust design and requires no maintenance.

The WITT FBA test rig is for the testing of WITT products. The test success criteria stated in the User Instruction and Video only apply
to WITT products. The use of the WITT FBA test rig to test any other FBAs is not recommended by WITT, and WITT and its  subsidiaries and Partners accept no responsibility for such use.