Gas Mixing Technology - flexible, precise, economic.

At the end of the 1970’s, WITT pioneered the development of gas mixing systems and was the first company to offer a gas mixer for modified atmosphere packaging. For the first time, users were able to create the specific gas mixtures they required.

The use of gas mixers offers several benefits compared to pre-mixed gases. Gas mixers create high quality gas mixtures without strata. Furthermore, they offer highest flexibility in terms of mixing ratios and flow rates at the point of use, and ensure the most economic use of the component gases.

To this day, the heart of many WITT gas mixers is the mechanical proportional mixing valve. This enables the reliable creation of gas mixtures from almost all technical gases – precisely and stably. The valve has 2 gas inlets and one outlet for the mixture. Adjustment of the valve in turn engages the orifice and piston to proportionally regulate the flow rate of the individual gases to create the required gas mixture. Using all of its know-how, WITT offers the perfect orifice and piston combination for almost every possible permutation of gases.

Along with this classic technology, WITT today also offers other gas mixing technologies, for example using electronic mixing valves or Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) – depending on customer requirements and the precise application. In total, WITT’s wide range of gas mixers is deployed in many industries, e.g. in metalworking, the food industry, glass production, lasers  and in medical technology.

WITT gas mixers convince with precision and reliability – for all industries, from small mobile mixers up to complex plants. No matter which application – with gas mixers by WITT you are choosing quality and safety for your gas supply – at the highest standards.